DNA Evolution DNA Evolution, StorageDNA’s intelligent workflow solution built on Linear Tape  Open (LTO) and Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technologies, allows you to  streamline your file-based workflow, work more efficiently, and save significant  storage costs. The innovative workflow solutions allow you to easily archive, find,  restore, and directly access digital assets at incredible speeds. 
  LTO LTFS archiving technology is the most cost-effective and reliable long-term storage option for the immense amounts of file-based content generated by media pipelines. This archive medium plays a critical role in managing explosive data growth. DNA Evolution is a groundbreaking media archive software solution for Linear Tape-Open with Linear Tape File System (LTO LTFS) that helps you to build a more cost-effective, scalable, searchable, and secure archive. Advanced features include:     Highest LTO LTFS archive performance     Powerful global metadata search     Intelligent restore, access, and conform tools     Archive asset manager with web-based previews, timeline notes, and tagging     Web-based sharing and collaboration Fully-integrated Archive Asset Manager with Smart Search 100% Open Data, 100% Open Metadata XSIO: High-performance Data Movers Data Health Management Open Data Exchange and Import
 LTO LTFS Archiving Using a revolutionary approach to nearline and archive storage, DNA Evolution  offers a dramatically more cost-effective infrastructure by combining nearline and  archive directly on LTO tape media. DNA Evolution: LTO LTFS Archiving is the only  solution designed specifically for LTFS, and it maximizes the direct access ability of  LTFS for digital workflows never before available. Using cutting-edge features and  reliable, 30-year shelf stable tape media, DNA Evolution: LTO LTFS Archiving offers long-term protection of digital assets and performs up to ten times faster than  network-based solutions.  Fully-integrated Archive Asset Manager with Smart Search Media Intelligence: Support for more than 180 formats, including ARRIRAW, P2,  XDCAM, and RED  Smart Search: Quickly find exactly what you need with powerful metadata  extraction and indexing for search of every available file attribute and clip metadata  field    Previews: Embedded HTML-5 player allows you to preview low-resolution clips  (Requires third-party transcoder) Time-based Logging and Tags: Add notes and tags on the timeline Approvals Workflow: Create limited browse users for clip sharing via unique web  URL’S for approvals and collaboration. 100% Open Data, 100% Open Metadata
 Faster Archives and Restores Engineered for media environments, DNA Evolution’s  architecture and data movers maximize archive and restore  performance from LTO LTFS delivering best-in-class  performance–over ten times faster than network-based  archiving solutions.  Smart Search: Powerful Global Search  As archives grow, with larger amounts of content being  stored offline, Smart Search’s global metadata search  provides users with the ability to quickly and accurately  locate data when needed.
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