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The FileCatalyst platform provides acceleration, security, reliability and automation. Transfer at full line speed even with high latency and packet loss,  problems common to satellite and wireless networks. The UDP-based protocol achieves speeds up to thousands of times faster than FTP, while ensuring the  delivery of files with sizes into the terabytes, using robust retry, resume, and verification facilities. 
FileCatalyst Direct is our point-to-point file transfer solution. In a nutshell, this means that features are available by installing the FileCatalyst Server and one of our client-side options. Because FileCatalyst is at both endpoints, we can provide a superior file transfer experience. As well as being a standalone product, FileCatalyst Direct can be seamlessly integrated within an existing FileCatalyst Webmail or FileCatalyst Workflow solution.
Also please visit http://www.filecatalyst.com/products to know more about FileCatalyst. Trial Link : http://www.filecatalyst.com/trial