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  eMAM™ is a web-based digital asset management software system created to organize, share, and send your digitized information: audio, video, images, or documents. This powerful, feature-rich platform was developed to address your exact needs, whether you’re an individual or a major broadcast enterprise.     Features     Search: powerful, intelligent search to help you find the right assets right away, using a vast array of metadata about an asset,               including customized metadata fields     Preview: flash proxy copies can be quickly viewed from anywhere, while their small size allows for easy storage and transmission     Annotate, Mark, and Clip: global collaboration is easy when people can share ideas right on a particular frame or part of an asset     Approvals and Batch Email: share a single asset or a group of assets for approvals or marketing to any email address     Organize: group clips in any projects or categories you define, with granular permission levels controlling who can access an asset               and exactly what they can do with it     Deliver: links with powerful transcoding engines allow eMAM to transcode on the fly to multiple formats simultaneously Interfaces eMAM Director: loaded with powerful options for demanding users eMAM Client: simplified, flexible interface built for ease of use and training for clients or less demanding staff Customized: eMAM has powerful web service APIs, so we can empower your website Deployment Hosted Solution (software as a service): eMAM Online offers our powerful technology for your assets in a hosted environment. You have           no infrastructure or IT staffing requirements.  You can access your assets through any web browser. Enterprise Solution: eMAM is deployed on one or more servers in your environment. This allows you to run the system behind your firewall.           eMAM can manage the native files throughout your organization through a series of adapters or middleware, talking to other           components of  your IT environment. All staff can now access all your content throughout the organization.
What is eMAM?
Enterprise Workflow System:
eMAM Enterprise eMAM Online eMAM Vault Digitalization Distribution Management Storage and Archive
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